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Protek Fire Retardant Threads

Protek Elite® Bonded Kevlar® Sewing Threads

Protek Elite Bonded Kevlar Sewing Threads represent the pinnacle of thread technology, offering unparalleled strength and durability. Made from Kevlar and enhanced with a unique bonding process, these threads are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures, abrasion, and chemical exposure.


Ideal for use in safety gear, aerospace, automotive, marine, and outdoor applications, Protek Elite Bonded Kevlar Sewing Threads ensure reliability and performance where it matters most. This makes them an essential choice for industries where failure is not an option and durability is key.

Key Features

  • Unmatched Strength: Crafted from Kevlar, a material synonymous with toughness, these threads offer extraordinary tensile strength, making them virtually unbreakable under normal use.
  • Enhanced Bonding: The unique bonding process not only minimizes fraying but also reinforces the thread, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.
  • Heat and Flame Resistance: Protek Elite threads are inherently flame-resistant, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, making them ideal for safety and firefighting gear.
  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant: These threads maintain their integrity in harsh environments, resisting the effects of chemicals and abrasion.
  • Versatility: Despite their strength, these threads are surprisingly adaptable, suitable for a range of applications from heavy-duty industrial use to precision engineering.

Recommended Use

  • Protective Apparel: Ideal for manufacturing fire-resistant clothing and other safety gear where human life depends on the quality of the stitch.
  • Aerospace and Automotive: In industries where failure is not an option, these threads provide the reliability needed in critical components.
  • Marine and Outdoor Gear: Their resistance to elements makes them perfect for sails, tents, and other gear exposed to harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Sports Equipment: From climbing ropes to parachutes, these threads ensure maximum safety and performance in extreme sports gear.
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications: Perfect for products that require a thread as tough as the environments they are used in, like heavy machinery covers and ballistic vests.








Single-End Break


Break Strength



Natural, Black


24 spools per case

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