Cansew Protek

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Engineered for Fire
Built for Bravery
Cansew Specialty Threads and Materials are designed to withstand
the most extreme conditions, protecting the people who protect you.

Modern Manufacturing

Experience the future of thread technology with our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, where precision, performance, and innovation intertwine to revolutionize your textile experience.

Custom-Dyed Colors

Unleash a wide spectrum of possibilities with our custom-dyed, high-performance threads, tailored in-house to transform your creative vision into a stunning reality with unmatched vibrancy and durability.

Research & Development

Discover the thread of tomorrow, today: Our cutting-edge research and development is weaving the future of high-performance threads, engineered for unparalleled strength, flexibility, and innovation.

Protek - Canadian-made high performance threads
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We Are Cansew

Since 1924, when Cansew Inc. first opened its doors as “The Canadian Sewing Supply”, many changes have taken place in the needle-trade. And throughout the years, our 100% Canadian sewing and trim supply company has evolved alongside this ever-changing industry.

Our customer service specialists are skilled at assisting you to attain peak performance at economical cost. We are your one stop sewing and trim supply company.


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