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Protek Fire Retardant Threads

Protek® Elite Nomex® Sewing Threads

Protek Elite Nomex Sewing Threads represent the very best in sewing thread technology, offering unmatched performance where it matters most. When your project demands the highest level of resilience, strength, and safety, choose Protek Elite Nomex – the thread that weaves together durability, performance, and peace of mind.


Protek Elite Nomex threads blend unparalleled strength with exceptional resistance to extreme conditions, ensuring that your products stand the test of time and hazard.

Key Features

  • Unrivaled Heat and Flame Resistance: Crafted from advanced Nomex® fibers, these threads offer superior protection against extreme heat and flame, essential for fire-resistant applications.
  • Enhanced Tensile Strength: Protek Elite Nomex threads boast exceptional tensile strength, ensuring that seams hold under the most strenuous conditions.
  • Advanced Chemical and Abrasion Resistance: These threads withstand harsh chemicals and abrasive environments, maintaining their integrity and performance.
  • Minimal Shrinkage: With low shrinkage properties, Protek Elite Nomex threads ensure consistent seam quality and durability over time.
  • Optimal Seam Strength and Appearance: Engineered for both strength and aesthetics, these threads contribute to a superior seam appearance and performance.
  • UV and Fade Resistant: The threads are highly resistant to UV rays and fading, ensuring that colors remain vibrant and consistent.
  • Versatile Application Range: Perfectly suited for industries where safety and performance are paramount, including aerospace, automotive, military, and emergency services.
  • Commitment to User Safety: Using Protek Elite Nomex threads is a commitment to the safety of the end-users, particularly in environments with high risks of heat and flame exposure.

Recommended Use

Protek Elite Nomex Sewing Threads are specifically tailored for applications where the highest level of seam integrity and resistance to extreme conditions are essential. They are particularly recommended for:

  • Advanced firefighter and emergency service gear
  • High-end aerospace and aviation components
  • Premium automotive racing suits and safety equipment
  • Elite military and tactical equipment
  • Specialized industrial protective clothing





TEX27, TEX45, TEX60, TEX70, TEX90


27, 45, 60, 70, 90

Single-End Break

2.5 lbs, 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 7 lbs, 9.4 lbs

Break Strength



Multiple colors available. Contact us for details.


24 spools per case

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