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Fire Retardant Embroidery

Madeira Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread

Introducing Madeira Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread, the ultimate solution in flame-resistant threading, meticulously engineered for the demanding realms of aeronautics, fire and safety, and high-octane motorsports. This thread meets and exceeds rigorous safety standards, ensuring unparalleled protection in critical environments.

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Crafted from 100% Aramid, Madeira Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread incorporates the renowned Nomex fibers, a hallmark of quality and reliability from Dupont. Trust in the strength and resilience of Madeira Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread, where safety is not just a feature, but a promise. (Note: Nomex® is a registered trademark of Dupont®.)

Key Features

  • Flame Resistance: The thread is specifically designed to be flame resistant, making it ideal for use in aeronautics, fire and safety uniforms, motorsports, and other areas where exposure to fire or high temperatures is a possibility.
  • Made from 100% Aramid: Aramid fibers are known for their strength and heat-resistant properties. This material composition contributes to the thread’s durability and safety features.
  • Incorporates Nomex Branded Fibers: Nomex, a registered trademark of Dupont, is renowned for its thermal, chemical, and radiation resistance. The inclusion of Nomex fibers enhances the thread’s protective qualities.
  • Versatility in Use: While it is particularly suited for safety and protective clothing, its properties also make it suitable for a range of other applications, including decorative embroidery in high-wear and high-wash areas.
  • Durability: The thread’s composition ensures it can withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures and physical stress, without compromising its integrity or appearance.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: The thread is developed to comply with specific safety standards required in various industries, ensuring it meets the necessary regulations for protective clothing and equipment.

Recommended Use

  • Fire And Safety
  • Aeronautics
  • Motor Sports
  • Other Areas Where Safety Standards Are Specified





1000 yards (914 meters) per spool

Break Strength



#1918 Gray



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