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Scissors and Shears

Heavy Duty Kevlar and Nomex Shears

Please note our recommendation is to use a dedicated shear for each fabric type to maximize the longevity of the shears.

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Introducing the Ultimate Cutting Solution: Heavy Duty Kevlar® and Nomex® Shears with 8-inch Serrated Blade.

Key Features

  • Extremely hard special steel blades outlast regular blades many times over
  • Both blades are ground at an aggressive angle and are deeply serrated
  • Excellent for cutting heavier grades of Kevlar® and Nomex® cloth, roving, or belting


Unparalleled Strength and Precision: These shears are not your average cutting tools. Engineered with high-grade materials, they are specifically designed to tackle the most challenging cutting tasks. The blades, crafted from premium quality steel, are coated with Kevlar® and Nomex®, renowned for their exceptional durability and resistance to heat. This makes the shears ideal for use in environments where ordinary scissors would falter.

Serrated for Superior Performance: The 8-inch blade is not just long; it’s smartly serrated. This design ensures a firm grip on the material being cut, reducing slippage and enhancing precision. Whether you’re cutting through heavy-duty fabrics, ropes, or even composites, these serrations make the task smoother and more efficient.

Ergonomically Designed for Comfort: Understanding the demands of intensive use, these shears are ergonomically designed. The handles are crafted to fit comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue and increasing control during prolonged use. This ergonomic design is especially beneficial for professionals in industries where precision and comfort are paramount.





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